KOHAR Artisan Bookbindery

Client: KOHAR Artisan Bookbindery
Year: 2016
Duration: 2:53

Director's Cut version
Director: Ashot Arakelyan
DoP: Artur Ustyan - DP
Editing: Armen Tshagharyan - DP
VFX and Color Grading: Narek Palyan - DP
Production Manager: Serob Avagyan - DP
Country: Lebanon, Beirut | Production
Armenia, Yerevan | Post-Production

About Project


Domino Production presents the short film created for KOHAR Artisan Bookbindery in Lebanon.

Macro Photography and detailed close-ups give you the opportunity to experience the beauty and artisanry behind the book biding process, the dedication and passion for perfection.